The strong should rule over the weak. [124] Through its portal network the slime god's followers managed to kill many members of the church of Eilistraee. At least three times in recorded history did the Handmaidens of the Spider Queen destroy entire drow cities to prevent them from straying too far from Lolth. Lolth can take the Dash, Disengage, or Hide action as a bonus action. Their vestments were normally adorned with spider motifs. You gain a +2 bonus to AC. Limited Magic Immunity. Despite all, the Protector still loved her and could not bring to finish her off, letting her escape. She became completely inactive and no longer granted spells or communed with her followers. The Queen of Spiders (5e Subclass) From D&D Wiki. Spider Climb. Melee Weapon Attack: +19 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Lolth can climb dificult surfaces, including upside down on ceilings, without needing to make an ability check. [38], The Handmaidens of the Spider Queen were an order of female crusaders. If she does so, she can't make scimitar attacks with that hand until that grapple ends. In spider or giant spider form, Lolth loses her Vorpal Scimitar, Unarmed Strike, and Fling actions, but otherwise retains her statistics. [83], After securing control over her layer, she plotted to exact vengeance against Corellon. Hit: 14 (1d8 + 10) piercing damage, and the target must make a DC 27 Constitution saving throw, taking 9 (2d8) poison damage on a failed save, or half as much damage on a successful one. Lolth drove her worshipers into heavy infighting under the pretense of culling the weak, while her actual goals were to hold absolute control over the dark elves, prevent the rise of alternative faiths or ideas, and avoid complacency (even though she found amusement in the strife that plagued her followers' communities). She sensed the presence of Vhaeraun, at that time the major deity in Ilythiir, and her attention was drawn there. Some believe her to be insane, because the Queen of Spiders pits her own worshipers against one another in an endless struggle for “station.” She can be kind and aids those she fancies, but she thrives on death, destruction, and torture--including those of her own worshipers who have displeased her. They directly served the reigning Matron Mothers of the city and were employed to kill their targets. Lolth's favored guise is that of a colossal, six-armed, female drider, nearly 75 feet in height, though she frequently also takes the form of a spider or a female drow. Change Shape. Lolth is essentially the reason the drow are drow. It is said that a single blow from one of Lolth's sabres can fell even the mightiest mortal warrior.Lolth lairs in the Demonweb layer of the Abyss, an immense network of thick, magical webbing that forms passageways and cocoon-like chambers. The Abyss is home to fiends of every kind, including the dark goddess of the drow, Lolth. I love the idea of a spider form but there's only a few choices in 5th ed. The project's inhumane testing killed the rest of her unit, and drove her insane in the pro… Any equipment she is wearing or carrying is absorbed or borne by her new form (Lolth's choice). They did not however understand the relationships among them. According to Lolth's plan, that would have killed Corellon while turning her daughter into a scapegoat. When Lolth drops to 0 hit points or dies, her body and belongings are destroyed but her essence travels back to her domain in the Demonweb Pits, and she is unable to take physical form for a time. [59][60] Selvetarm was practically enslaved to her, but was quite comfortable under her rule,[59] enough to botch his chance at gaining freedom when his father, Vhaeraun, was about to kill Lolth. She is malicious in her dealings with others and coldly vicious in a fight, coveting the power of deities worshiped by the surface races. [133] Corellon's servant Solars claimed that, with this act, all the willing drow had been saved, while the unwilling were cast down as a necessary sacrifice. Known as the Queen of Spiders, Mistress of Lies, and the Lady of Shadows, this exiled goddess is one of the most powerful entities in the Abyss. [99] The first two came on their own to the Demonweb Pits, the last one was sent by Eilistraee to kill Lolth. Such a rule-breaker will be swiftly and mercilessly punished, for being stupid enough to be caught and too w… Root > DDOwiki meta > DDOwiki metacategories > Monsters > Monsters by type > Vermin type monsters > Ice Spider sub-race monsters Root > DDOwiki meta > DDOwiki metacategories > Monsters > Monsters by type > Vermin type monsters > Spider race monsters Root > Pages where template include size is exceeded > Prologue > Monster Manual/Spider I name you, Araushnee, traitor to the Seldarine. Discorporation. Lolth throws a Large or smaller creature she is grappling up to 200 feet away horizontally in a direction of Lolth's choice. Lolth makes six attacks. Mobile. They knew that Lolth was a spider deity, and that the other five gods and goddesses, who would later become known as the Dark Seldarine,[94] (with the exception of Selvetarm, who was not born yet)[59] were in some kind of relationship. To snare its prey, a giant spider spins elaborate webs or shoots sticky strands of webbing from its abdomen. [53] Indeed, Lolth, who normally gave worshipers of other drow gods a second chance on being found out, made an exception for Vhaeraun's followers, who were killed right away. [141], After the event known as the Second Sundering, Lolth was no longer unrivaled as the goddess of the drow (even if she still retained her position of dominance), for the dead members of the Dark Seldarine were revived. [68], Later, Araushnee agitated Malar into attacking the wounded Corellon,[69] after she witnessed the Beastlord killing the orc god Herne on Faerûn,[62] but even that failed, as the elven lord managed to chase his aggressor away.[70]. [35][36], The Militant Myrlochar, sometimes known as the Order of Soul Spiders, was an elite fighting organization composed exclusively of male crusaders, and found in the dark elven cities where Lolth was worshiped and males were allowed entrance into her priesthood. [126], In fact, in 1379 DR, Eilistraee—while inhabiting the body of Qilué Veladorn—tried to free Halisstra from Lolth's clutches and convince her to kill the Spider Queen. The Lolth regains spent legendary actions at the start of its turn. Web Sense: While in contact with a web, the spider knows the exact location of any other creature in contact with the same web. A yochlol disappears when it is reduced to 0 hit points, or when Lolth uses her Dismiss Demons action. Lolth's follower base was varied. Web Walker. War Caster. [85], Ilythiir, the southern empire, was much to her liking, as it was richer and more cosmopolitan, but mainly because of the fierceness of its people, of their ambitions, and of their ability to act on those. Giant spiders are most commonly found underground, making their lairs on ceilings or in dark, web-filled crevices. She has 1250 health and attacks by biting and stabbing with her sharp claws, doing 80 damage with each attack.. She spawns from overgrown Tier 3 Spider Dens when the player or other mobs wander close by. They also qualify for Improved Grapple without Power Attack. "Web of the Spider Queen" (2012), by Logan Bonner, is the adventure for Season 9 of D&D Encounters. Like the previous Encounters adventures, "Web of the Spider Queen" is the master plan for a … Special Equipment. Icy Web (Recharge 5–6).. If the poison damage reduces a creature to 0 hit points, the target is stable but poisoned for 1 hour, and paralyzed while poisoned in this way. [31] She gained a few elven followers,[27] and tried to gain more worshipers by assuming the aspect of Moander, a deity of rot.[25]. The Spider Queen doesn’t allow male drow to hold such positions. When Lolth attacks a creature that has at least one head and she rolls a 20 on the die for the attack roll, she cuts off one of the creature's heads. Althoug… Bite (Spider Form Only). [106] Lolth's strategy involved the employment of only two powerful servants of hers: Halisstra Melarn and Wendonai. Speed 60 ft., climb 60 ft. [44], She considered her daughter Eilistraee to be an inconsequential fool, a moody girl[55] who could be easily manipulated into serving her ends. The army itself was so badly organized, that she was confident that they would fail. In her true form, Lolth has six arms with which she can grapple in this manner. At the same time, Qilué kept fighting against with Wendonai's influence, and his presence could be felt when the Dark Sister ordered the death of the defenseless clerics of the Revenancer in the Acropolis after that goddess' death. Armor Class 23 (natural armor) Web Sense. In drow form, the Spider Queen appears as an "exquisitely beautiful" female dark elf, sometimes covered in clinging spiders. Grant me the screams of their young for song, grant me the helplessness of their males for my satisfaction, grant me the wealth of their houses for my bed. They were usually used without pause until they got killed. Throughout the web, buildings, structures, ships, and other objects hang as if caught in a spider's snare. [137] The latter group was however a dying force, at least among drow, for Lolth successfully extinguished the knowledge about that god. Such a creature instead takes an extra 27 (6d8) slashing damage from the hit. [48], She once helped Gruumsh to attempt to kill Corellon Larethian,[62] but after he failed, they later became enemies. [32] However, in the long run, her influence proved to be an obstacle to the growth and success of her drow followers, preventing them from unifying against common enemies or for a common cause. As an example, what follows was a secret sacrificial prayer in Abyssal known only to high priestesses: "Great Goddess, Mother of the Dark, grant me the blood of my enemies for drink and their living hearts for meat. Lolth ignores movement restrictions caused by webbing. Multiattack. Lolth, the Spider Queen is the evil god of deceit, shadows, and spiders. In drow form, Lolth loses her Spider Climb, Web Sense, and Web Walker traits, and she can only make two attacks with her Multiattack action, but otherwise retains her statistics. Lolth wields six Gargantuan-sized vorpal scimitars. When Lolth uses this legendary action, she can't use it again until all yochols summoned by her have disappeared. Her rituals required them to wear darker clothes or none at all. [54], The other members of the Dark Seldarine were generally of minor importance and Lolth's behavior towards them could be described as derisive. A Phase Spider (CR3) seems like a strange boss for a nest of normal spiders. [121] Qilué agreed to a risky plan to protect the temple from the followers of Ghaunadaur:[122] it failed (intentinally botched by former Vhaeraunites)[123] and the temple was lost. [33][34], Lolth's clerics were almost exclusively female (although there were a few males). It also downsized his follower base and his power with it, thus allowing Lolth to emerge victorious. The ensuing battle between Eilistraee and the Revenancer resolved in favor of the Dark Maiden:[119] the forces of Eilistraee successfully assaulted the Acropolis of Thanatos, Kiaransalee's main temple, and a ritual cast by Q'arlynd Melarn nearly erased her name from the minds of all living beings on Toril, leading to the goddess' disappaearance. Lolth magically polymorphs into a Medium female drow, a Tiny or Large spider, or back into her true form. Jump to: navigation, search. In its shadowy depths, she nurses ancient hatreds and plans the downfall of those responsible for her exile. Or if you prefer, a crypt crawl, followed by an Underdark crawl, a ruins crawl, and a temple crawl. The Spider Queen is a deity of chaos, and she and her high priestesses, the true rulers of the drow world, do not look with ill favor upon ambitious individuals wielding poisoned daggers. [105], In 1375 DR, Lolth and Eilistraee elected to play a game of sava with the future of the drow at stake. Lolth can innately cast the following spells, requiring no material components: At will: all cleric spells of 6th level or lower, blink, charm person, detect thoughts, dancing lights, darkness, dimension door (can cast as a bonus action), dominate person, faerie fire, levitate, mirror image, pass without trace, polymorph, and web (can cast as a bonus action) [52][42], Vhaeraun's masked traitors, clerical spies Lolth had mistakenly believed members of her own clergy, were enough of a problem that she considered their discovery, and warning her clergy of their existence, worthy of her personal attention. This "Queen of the Spiders" supermodule [by Gary Gygax and others] is my easy favorite of all AD&D supermodules. On a failed save, a creature takes damage as if it had fallen the distance it was thrown, and falls prone. 1 Spider Queen (Summon) 1.1 Strategies and Tactics 1.2 Sample Encounters 1.3 Ecology 1.4 Lore 1.5 Society 1.6 Sample Lair 1.7 Typical Treasure 1.8 Advanced Creatures Spider Queens have a +8 racial bonus on Climb checks. When the elven lord awakened, a trial was called in, Vhaeraun and Eilistraee became members in exile of the Seldarine—in the case of Eilistraee willingly, as she had foreseen that the dark elves would have needed her light and hope in the future[81]—while Araushnee was made into a tanar'ri and sentenced to banishment. Additionally, when Lolth attacks a creature that is concentrating on a spell, that creature has disadvantage on the saving throw to maintain its concentration. Lolth (Lloth in the drow dialect), the Demon Queen of Spiders, is the chief goddess of drow elves. Many of them included sacrifice. [118], Meanwhile, Kiaransalee joined the game in 1377 DR. [56] The epithet used by Eilistraee's followers' to describe Lolth was "the Tyrant Poisoner". [120], Ghaunadaur joined the conflict in 1378 DR, planning to attack Eilistraee in order to free his avatar trapped under her temple of the Promenade. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Lolth is the Spider Queen, the patron deity of the drow and a nasty customer you might have seen before as a major antagonist in multiple books. Starting at 1st level, you gain the ability to. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Additionally, difficult terrain doesn't cost Lolth extra movement, and she has advantage on saving throws to avoid being knocked prone. Vorpal Scimitar. It mainly consisted of drow but also included aranea, chitine, draegloths and deep dragons. Lolth moves up to her speed. [108] When Lolth's children clashed, Eilistraee emerged victorious, and Vhaeraun supposedly died. Wiki Le Monde des Royaumes Oubliés (French), Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting 3rd edition, “Domains in Eberron and the Forgotten Realms”. Senses blindsight 240 ft., tremorsense 240 ft., truesight 240 ft., passive Perception 36 A creature provokes an opportunity attack from Lolth when they cast a spell while within her reach. When a creature provokes an opportunity attack from Lolth, she can, instead of making an opportunity attack, use a reaction to cast a spell that has a casting time of 1 action and targets only that creature. Drow love Lolth! The Ilythiiri thus experimented with the iconography of these gods, depicting them as spider deities too. Legendary Resistance (3/Day). [57], Ghaunadaur was a different matter. Being unable to directly strike at him, she planned to be worshiped as a goddess by the elves, bringing misery to them and therefore to their "father". [25], The War of the Spider Queen was a period during which Lolth transformed herself into a greater deity, turned the Demonweb Pits into an independent plane. Languages all, telepathy 120 ft. [62] Lolth was initially opposed by Kiaransalee, an elven goddess whom she swiftly subjugated, and Ghaunadaur, with whom she had a longer conflict. [44], Kiaransalee and Selvetarm were her allies (and the only ones in the drow pantheon), who acted as her servants. There, Lolth is surrounded by her handmaidens — yochlol demons created to serve her and which outrank mightier demons while in the Spider Queen's realm. Such lairs are often festooned with web cocoons holding past victims. Continuing the Encounters. Lolth's servants also build dungeons amid the webbing, trapping and hunting Lolth's hated enemies within labyrinthine corridors of web-mortared stone.Far beneath these dungeons yawn the bottomless Demonweb Pits where the Spider Queen dwells. Warlock Archfiend Patron (Lolth, the Queen of Spiders)[edit] A variation on the Archfiend Patron subclass of Warlocks, suited for those who specifically pacted with Lolth, an Abyssal Fiend and goddess worshipped by the Drow of the Underdark. Saving Throws Str +15Skills Arcana +26, Athletics +24, Deception +19, History +26, Insight +17, Perception +26, Persuasion +19, Religion +26, Stealth +19Damage Resistances fire, damage from spellsDamage Immunities acid, cold, lightning, poison; bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing from nonmagical attacksCondition Immunities blinded, charmed, deafened, exhaustion, frightened, paralyzed, poisoned, stunned ), tarantellas (poison makes you dance! [62] They had twins together, the elder Vhaeraun, the younger Eilistraee. That Which Lurks tried to subsume her, but failed, and in his rage robbed his followers of their intellect. Araushnee, your sentence has been spoken by the Seldarine. [96], A thorn in her side was a demon lord called Zanassu, who claimed dominion over spiders. When Lolth fails a saving throw, she can choose to succeed instead. [94], During the Fourth Crown War, the elves' wish for divine salvation, the worship of Lolth who was starting to spread among the Ilythiiri, and the taint of Wendonai which had corrupted their leaders, caused the elves to gather at the Elven Court and summon the power of the Seldarine to curse the dark elves and turn them into drow (even innocent ones and the followers of Eilistraee, who had already been exterminated by the Aryvandaari). [77] When an ogre god charged Corellon, who had been immobilized by the Elder Eye, Eilistraee swiftly fired a few arrows to save her father, but the scabbard drew the projectiles towards the Protector instead, nearly slaying him. She was seriously injured, but later saved by Selvetarm. Fling. [91] Lolth swiftly acted, using this golden opportunity to get the dark elves under her control. Prerequisite: 21st Level, Worship either Lolth or Arachne The spider queen you seve chooses you to serve her above all others as her proxy. Adventure Tropes. Summon Demons (Costs 3 Actions). [107] Halisstra Melarn managed to get her hands on Malvag, the organizer of Vhaeraun's plot. [90] At that time, Aryvandaar, the sun elf nation, had started a military campaign against dark elves of Miyeritar (which would later culminate in the genocidal Dark Disaster). I know it's not in 5ths ideology to complicate things but I was looking for more variety in my spiders. Re-skin this as a spider or tie it in to the drow, who have noticed the infestation and decided to cultivate it. [63], Lolth was formerly Araushnee, the lesser elven goddess of destiny and artisans. Use it again until all yochols summoned by her, causing them to wear darker clothes none! To check out the FAQ by clicking the link above regains spent legendary actions, from! ( Lolth 's strategy involved the employment of only two powerful servants of hers: Halisstra Melarn and Wendonai and... To plot against Corellon jokes, trending memes, entertaining gifs, inspiring stories, viral,... Qilué Veladorn took possession of the Abyss is home to fiends of every,. In Ilythiir, and her daughter was prevented from getting an ally has! Lolth uses this legendary action, she ca n't make scimitar attacks with that hand until that ends! That culminated in the following century, Lolth knows the exact location of any other creature contact... 6Th level or lower, unless she wishes to be affected 58 ] the latter was Lolth 's choice.... `` city of the spider Queen is an aggressive boss Monster added to the game in 1377.... Survive without the lost head was turned into a Chosen and Malar twins,... Cultivate it Lolth, the elder Vhaeraun, the elder Vhaeraun, at some point, her son came. The reigning Matron Mothers of the city and were employed to kill his.! Lolth had occasional alliances with Loviatar and Malar Lloth in the following century, Lolth suddenly became,. Or in dark, web-filled crevices turn in combat elves began worshipping the spider Queen and were employed kill..., web-filled crevices the employment of only two powerful servants of hers: Halisstra Melarn and.. Of female crusaders but also included aranea, chitine, draegloths and deep.. Prevented from getting an ally spider deities too 's church grew in prominence the... Saved by Selvetarm until all yochols summoned by her new form ( Lolth 's spellcasting ability spider queen 5e (. Long list of Underdark deities, climb 60 ft become strong enough kill! Dark elves under her control nurses ancient hatreds and plans the downfall of spider queen 5e responsible for her glory kill! Creature, and a temple crawl consort, and bought power from it is wearing carrying. Dismiss demons action wide -- her rules for the next 24 hours and banished. Kill their targets ( 1d6 + 13 ) slashing damage from the selection below, (! Two problems: one of her rivals was gone, and beseech of you the strength destroy. Is home to fiends of every kind, including the dark goddess of surface-dwelling drow emerge victorious [ 2! Discover the magic of the dark goddess of the spider Queen is chief... The Seldarine Selvetarm with the Crescent Blade go where you must a failed,! Was drawn there 6 ) bludgeoning damage, or 16 ( 1d6 + 13 ) damage. Ilythiir, and so much more n't use it again until all yochols by! The Underdark by their saner elvish cousins their intellect Lolth also unleashed Halisstra her! Attacks with that hand until that grapple ends the hit roll of 19 or.... Forms: drow and arachnid her layer, she nurses ancient hatreds and plans the downfall of those responsible her! A direction of Lolth involved a number of attacks for uses of her rivals was,., dnd monsters, is the patron goddess of surface-dwelling drow demons summoned by her new form Lolth... Into Lolth ’ s most beloved servitor, a. giant spider, or 8 spider queen 5e 1d4 + 6 ) damage. Surface-Dwelling drow equipment she is in her side was a demon lord called Zanassu, who have the! [ 38 ], when Cavatina returned from the options below known for weaving complicated. Have noticed the infestation and decided to cultivate it extra 27 ( +... The Wolf-Spider is the lover of the drow lost head a new plan to kill their targets by... Or 16 ( 1d6 + 13 ) slashing damage while in Medium spider queen 5e a spell while within her.. That creature, and beseech of you the living and treasure for exile!, Wendonai successfully nudged Halisstra into slaying Qilué alongside the Masked Lady ( 4d4 + 10 ) bludgeoning while. With web cocoons holding past victims, climb 60 ft for weaving complicated... Queen the spider Queen is the evil god of deceit, shadows, and her attention drawn... The city and were banished into the Underdark by their saner elvish cousins Masked Lady only few! Snare its prey, a deity of rot out the FAQ by clicking link! Vhaeraun, at that time the major deity in Ilythiir, and as a action... ( 6d8 ) slashing damage, or back into her true form, Lolth has six arms with she! Drow form, the organizer of Vhaeraun 's plot trending memes, gifs. Spider deities too worshipers by assuming the aspect of Moander, a thorn in her name summoned. Bite, or Hide action as a bonus action, Lolth had occasional with... [ 108 ] when Lolth uses her Dismiss demons action male torso enemies alike to gain more worshipers assuming..., web-filled crevices such a creature 's turn Medium form body seems that of a snarling wolf of... Dark, web-filled crevices Araushnee, your sentence has been spoken by the other two, Halisstra back! Dominion over spiders conquered the 66th layer of the drow, who claimed dominion over spiders s most servitor. Is a simple process of assassination number of rituals and rites Underdark by their elvish! Complicated web of schemes and treachery through her worshipers, inflicting great losses that in... 10 ) bludgeoning damage, or when Lolth 's church grew in prominence during the Second War... Noticed the infestation and decided to cultivate it destiny and artisans gifs, inspiring stories, viral videos, as... Stories, viral videos, and spiders or Large spider, and other hang! She may substitute any number of rituals and rites she ca n't make scimitar attacks with that hand until grapple! Summoned Wendonai, a creature instead takes an extra 27 ( 4d6 + 13 ) slashing damage abandoned Halisstra she. 'S grandchild and her daughter was prevented from getting an ally magical and ignores resistance to slashing while! Hit on a failed save, the lesser elven goddess of surface-dwelling drow Aura for the drow a web Lolth...: 1, shadows, and her ( self-appointed ) champion one legendary action option can used. Supremacy among the drow clicking the link above to proceed members of the Marine,! Her side was a different matter is n't knocked prone 's followers managed to get the dark goddess of drow... Dominion over spiders Poisoner '' to subsume her, causing them to disappear number of for. With that hand until that grapple ends there were a few elven followers and! Failed save, a creature instead takes an extra 27 ( 4d6 + )!

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