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UK Safari Hoverfly Section A standard presentation of a hover fly (Syrphus ribesii) along with five potential .
Males have shorter, relatively broader wings, a bigger thorax, and a narrower abdomen than females.
|  Latest corollae and it appeared in both species to be correlated with size of prey and predator. Shop  |  Photography  Yes No : The fecundity of Epistrophe nitidicollis (Meigen) was estimated to be 126 ( Tinkeu, 1995 ), but that of other syrphids can be as large as 500 to 1500 eggs, as for Metasyrphus corollae (Fabricius) ( Benestad, 1970 ; Scott & Barlow, 1984 ). Great Yellow Bumblebee - Bombus distinguendus, Hairy-footed Flower Bee - Anthophora plumipes, Bog Bush Cricket - Metrioptera brachyptera, Common Green Grasshopper - Omocestus viridulus, Dark Bush Cricket - Pholidoptera griseoaptera, Lesser Marsh Grasshopper - Chorthippus albomarginatus, Mottled Grasshopper - Myrmeloetettix maculatus, Roesel's Bush Cricket - Metrioptera roeseli, Speckled Bush Cricket - Leptophyes punctatissima.
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Results. Issue tracking system based on Symfony2. Syrphus ribesii is a very common hoverfly found along hedgerows, in gardens and woods. Adults feed on the nectar of flowers, while the larvae are predators of aphids. to you google_ad_height = 600; The final database included 519 localities of Chrysotoxum festivum, 2040 of Syrphus ribesii, 739 of Nomada panzeri, 621 of Colletes cunicularius, 1004 of Halictus tumularum, 1151 of Lasioglossum albipes, 1122 of L. calceatum, 940 of L. fratellum, 469 of L. fulvicorne, 699 of L. morio, 123 of L. quadrinotatum, 273 of Andrena carantonica, 1201 of A. google_color_bg = "FFFFFF";
Larvae of Syrphus ribesii collected from overwintering sites in the U.K. are strongly freeze tolerant with 70% survival at −35°C.
The larvae feed on aphids.
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Size: Wing length 7-10mm.
Antique Microscope Slide by Richard Suter.